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The best Smartphone car mounts

  • Oct 30, 2019
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In this practice tip we introduce you to three of the best Smartphone mounts for your car.

1. Smartphone mount: Wicked Chili car holder

  • The car mount of the Wicked is fixed by suction Cup to the windshield. The Smartphone is clamped in a rubberized plastic shell, which features adjustable gripping arms. So any Smartphone (of similar size) and fits into each bracket. Through the ball joint, you can rotate the bracket to 90 degrees.
  • This mounting variant is certainly the most stable, however, the field of view is affected under the circumstances.
  • The holder is available for various Smartphone models. For example for the Galaxy S4, S5, and the mini variants, iPhone 5 and 6 , as well as specifically for the new iPhone 6 Plus.
  • With a price of about 15 to 20 euros, the holders of the Wicked are relatively inexpensive.
Smartphone mounts for the car

2. Smart Phone Holder: Kenu Airframe

  • The bracket "Kenu Airframe" is not attached to the windshield, but the ventilation slot of your car. Thus, the Airframe fits any ventilation slot, it is equipped with a flexible, rubber grippers, which are pushed into the ventilation grille. A side arm of the bracket is equipped with a spring clamp, the infinitely adjustable to any size is customizable. The bracket can be easily rotated 360 degrees.
  • The bracket itself sits very firmly in the ventilation grille. During the journey, nothing wobbles. Only the grille itself could be affected, if you remove the Airframe more often and again.
  • The Airframe is there for all Smartphone models up to 12.7 cm screen diagonal for about 24 Euro. For Larger models up to 15.2 cm is it the Airframe Plus for around 26 euros.
Kenu Airframe: Bracket

3. Smartphone Mount: Groove Clip

  • The bracket is mounted in the CD slot of your car. The thin plastic is inserted the end into the slot. Although the bracket makes a right wobbly impression, moves to it while driving, nothing.
  • The retaining clips can be up to a width of 9 inches to adjust, so that even greater Money can easily find a seat. From the principle, they resemble those of the Wicked Chili holder.
  • Here, too, the holder can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • With approximately 24 Euro also belongs to the groove clip rather to the price of the upper class of the Motor mounts.
Mobile Phone Holder "Groove Clip"
What are the Smarthone App, you as a motorist can't miss may, we will show you in the next article.