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Synology Drive setup - so it goes

  • Oct 06, 2019
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Like all of the commercially available NAS systems, the Synology DiskStation controlled to Synchronize with a Computer. How to set up the Synology Drive to do this, you will learn in this article.

Synology Drive: the device works

Synchronize PCs and Laptops with the DiskStation is not a big deal. With these steps is easy:

  1. Call the Web interface of your DiskStation and login- more info you will find in another article.
  2. Open the package center, find the package "Drive" and install it. If you are prompted to install other programs, simply press "Yes", your DiskStation then takes care of the Rest for you.
  3. After installing two new programs appear in the App-Overview: Drive and the Drive's Admin console. You first start the Admin console to set things up.
  4. Here you can see the system status. In the bar on the left, you can click through all the options. First, press on the "Team folder" directories to Synchronize free.
  5. To do this, select the folder and press on the list of "Activate". You can then select how many versions of the folder you want to store. This function is useful to recover accidentally deleted or edited files are not lost immediately, and Changes can be undone. Then press on "OK" to share the folder.
  6. Then set in the control panel under "Shared folders" > "edit", ensure that all required Users have access to the share.
  7. Then, download the Synology Drive to the desired device. For Android and iOS you can find the App in the respective Store, the Windows users need to use the program from the Download-center download.
  8. Log in to Synology Drive with a User that has access to the appropriate folder. Then create a new sync task, select the folder on the DiskStation and a local folder.
  9. Finally, you can specify which file should be synchronized types, and between one - way and two-way-Sync select. Now, the data synchronization begins automatically. On your Windows machine, you will see links at the bottom of the task bar progress.
Drive on the Synology DiskStation