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Senseo Latte Select descaling - how to

  • Oct 11, 2019
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The Senseo Latte Select descale very easily with the special descaling accessories from Seneso. Exactly how this works, we will show you in our step by step guide.

Senseo Latte Select descale - instructions

Depending on the degree of hardness of your tap water, you should use your Senseo Latte Select , at least every three months to descale.

  1. Fill the water reservoir on your Senseo, up to the maximum filling Line with a half a bottle of liquid descaler and water.
  2. Put the water container back into your device.
  3. You open the latch on the front of your coffee maker.
  4. Remove the milk container.
  5. Use the special descaling accessories in the coffee-spout a.
  6. Close the latch and press the "On/Off"button.
  7. As soon as the button is no longer blinking, you can proceed with the next step.
  8. Give you a used coffee pod in the 1-Cup pod holder and open the cover of your Senseo Latte Select.
  9. Insert the pod holder and close the lid again.
  10. Place a container that can hold 1.5 litres under the coffee spout.
  11. Press the "Calc Clean"button. The descaling process will now start.
  12. Once your device is ready to be descaled, lights up the "Calc Clean"display.
  13. Drain outlet of the receptacle under the coffee.

Senseo Latte Select rinse after the Descaling by

  1. Reset the receptacle under the coffee spout.
  2. Rinse the water tank of your Senseo thoroughly.
  3. You can fill it then up to the maximum level with water.
  4. Press the "Calc Clean"button.
  5. Your device will now start the Spüldurchlauf.
  6. Once the flushing is complete, lights up the "Calc Clean"display.
  7. Drain outlet of the receptacle under the coffee.

Second Spüldurchlauf after Descaling

You see after the second Rinse cycle, the descaling accessories. You can then use the milk container again and, as usual, to make coffee.

  1. You open the lid.
  2. Remove the used coffee pod and close the lid.
  3. Now repeat the steps from the previous paragraph.
  4. As soon as the second Spüldurchlauf is finished, turn your Senseo Select from Latte independently.

You descale your Senseo Select Latte regularly and maintain the coffee maker well. The life of your device is significantly increased.

Where technology is in the game, to come back and back disorders. Read, therefore, in the next article, what you can do if your Senseo coffee maker leaking is.