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Samsung Smart TV: picture-in-picture - is that possible?

  • Aug 03, 2020
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With a Samsung Smart TV, you can also use the function of picture-in-picture. How to do this, we will show you in this article.

Samsung Smart TV: picture-in-picture - is that possible?

Yes, it is. So you can use the picture-in-picture function, your Samsung Smart TV however, the two tuners. However, only very few devices are equipped with two tuners.
  • However, you can connect in addition to the integrated Tuner, a DVB-S or DVB-T Tuner. Possibly a satellite, cable or IPTV Receiver hidden in your basement or you use a external Receiver instead of the internal.
  • You have connected your Computer to your Smart TV and use It as a Monitor, is the picture-in-picture feature, is easily possible. In this case, the built-in Tuner is sufficient for you to surf and by the way TV can.

Samsung Smart TV: picture-in-picture

So you can use the function, you must have either a two-receiver is connected or Smart TV, via HDMI or VGA to connect to your Computer:
  1. You take the remote control and turn the image to mainly appear on the screen.
  2. Now find the button "Tools" on the remote control. It is located mostly in the middle on the left of the arrow keys (see picture). In some models, the button may be labeled also with "Extras".
  3. Then, select in the menu the category of "PiP". The abbreviation PiP stands for Picture in Picture and is, therefore, the English name for picture-in-picture.
  4. You set the PiP to on, appears in the top right of the second picture. The image should be black, change the source in "channel".
  5. You can then specify the size and Position of the image, as well as the source of the sound to decide.
  6. To disable the function, set the PiP simply to "Off". You want to swap the small and the big picture, you need to simply repeat the instructions from step 1 onwards.
Tools button on the remote control
How to make your Computer or Laptop to your Smart TV connect, we will show you in this practical tip.