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PS3-Controller cleaning - a guide

  • Jul 27, 2020
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With time, dust and Dirt to collect in a PS3 Controller. We will show you how to clean the Controller correctly.

PS3 Controller cleaning: preparation and notes

  • You can open your Controller will void the warranty. You just don't have two left hands, can't happen with the cleaning but really something.
  • To the Opening of the controller, you'll need a Phillips screwdriver. For cleaning, use a micro fiber cloth is recommended. Even a slightly damp kitchen paper but it does.
  • Look at the demo days that you set aside all the screws sorted. Components that belong to each other, should not be separated.
  • Be careful with sharp objects. The Board may be scratched or otherwise damaged.

Instructions: Playstation-3-Controller clean

We advise you to clean your Controller with a micro fiber cloth. Use a kitchen paper, moisten it only slightly. Let the cleaned parts to dry completely before installing them again. The Board and the battery should get no water.
  1. Unscrew the five screws on the back of the controller and remove the back carefully.
  2. The shoulder buttons are L1, L2, R1 and R2, you can now remove and clean.
  3. Now loosen the screws on the main Board and remove the Board.
  4. The two Analog Sticks you can pull off here simple and clean.
  5. The buttons, circle, cross, triangle, Square as well as the control pad can also be easy to press out. Wipe these thoroughly.
  6. Finally, you can make the whole body clean.
  7. You have cleaned all the contaminated Places, you can use the parts again in reverse order.
How to make your PS3 Controller on the PC, we show you in the next tip.