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PS3 does not play Blu-ray and more - in mind s can be'

  • Aug 09, 2020
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If your PS3 plays Blu-ray, this can have several reasons. We will show you what it could be and how to fix the Problem.

PS3 does not play Blu-ray you can do

  • Check to see if your System is up-to-date. Navigate to the "settings" menu to the "system settings".
  • Check the region code of your Blu-ray. This is not equivalent to the European Standard, can't play your PS3, Blue-ray. However, it should appear in this case, a corresponding error message.
  • Make sure that your HDMI cable is working properly. To do this, connect to the Test another HDMI-enabled device to your TV.
  • Start your PS3 in the so-called Recovery mode new. Reset your console to factory settings, the existing error to be read out and fix it. But don't forget to Backup your data.
  • Examine the Blu-ray to possible scratches or punctures. Is the Disc damaged, you can use this with our practical tip treat.
  • If you find that the tips don't work, bring your console to one skilled in the art. Probably the Laser of your drive is defective or dirty. If you feel confident, you can open the console and clean. Note, however, that this will void the warranty.
Playstation 3: The Recovery Menu
Depends on your PS3 completely, we will show you in a further practical tip, how you can fix the Problem.