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PS3 connect - how to

  • Oct 17, 2020
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Have you bought a PlayStation 3, you can connect the console directly. We will show you how to connect the PS3 with all the necessary equipment.

PS3 connecting to The correct Position

  • Note that the PlayStation 3 must be in balance right. Other positioning can lead to a Defect in the console.
  • The PlayStation 3 should also have a safe Stand. During the operation, the console should be moved never.
  • So the PS3 does not overheat, must remain to every page, except for the floor, several inches square. Only in this way, a sufficient ventilation can be ensured.
PS3 to connect properly

PlayStation 3 set-up: The right Video cable

In General, two cable enough already. The power cable, and a cable for the Transmission of picture and sound. For the latter, you have the choice between HDMI and AV. When the connection is made, you need to select on the TV to the correct input.

  • HDMI: Via HDMI the picture and sound in HD quality is transmitted with only one cable. An HDMI cable is not included, at Amazon you can find, however, a cheap HDMI cable.
  • AV: Included AV Adapter to connect three cables to the TV. Thus you get only SD quality. Time in accordance with the AV connector is no more, therefore, we advise you to HDMI.
PS3 via HDMI-cable to connect

LAN cable: PS3 to connect to the Internet

  • The PlayStation 3 with the Internet to connect, you can either use the wireless Wi-Fi connection, or a LAN cable. A cable is not supplied.
  • You open the PlayStation 3 "settings" and then "network settings". Here you can set up the Internet connection via LAN or Wi-Fi.
Connect a LAN cable to PS3
(Image: Christian Horvat, CC BY-SA)

Audio cable: PS3, with the system

  • On request, you can let the Sound of the PlayStation 3 is not the TV but your home theater system. This is especially worthwhile when watching movies.
  • For this you need an optical Audio cable to connect the "Digital Out". For more information on this is available in the following practice tip.
Optical Audio cable for the PS3

In the next practical tip we will show you how to use a media server on the PS3 set up.