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Printer Reset: how the most common models

  • Jan 13, 2021
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A Reset of the printer is often not necessary. In the case of alerts or other problems, it may be the best solution. How you can perform a printer Reset, you will learn in this practical tip.

When a printer Reset is necessary

A Reset can be made for the internal counter or, if your printer has hung due to an error message no longer run properly.

  • Will Reset the internal counter can only be used in ink jet printers, since these are equipped with an integrated overflow tank. This collects for operations resulting in excess ink.
  • Necessary, but only if the printer reports a full overflow tank. However, this is not because of the printer display by default, a certain number of printing operations, the message permanently.
  • The normal Reset you can perform all common printers, for example, an error message cannot be deleted or blocked due to some other reasons.

Printer Reset - how to

Printers have evolved a lot and now have their own Apps and also built-in Displays, from which you can control the device and also reset. In the following bullet points read, how to Reset to factory settings in the case of most manufacturers of widely used works. Info to Reset the printer, see the user manual of your device as well as on the website of the manufacturer.

  • From the manufacturer Epson , the Reset usually by the free Software Epson Service Tool is completed. In the program, you will find a separate menu item, to perform a Reset. If your printer does not support this Version, then you need to look for depending on your model, also priced Alternative on the Internet.
  • Simpler it is for Brother printers. Press the menu and Start button of the printer at the same time and then four times on the Plus key or the up arrow. Thus, you reach the main menu. Now navigate to "Purge Counter" or "Reset" and follow the instructions. Alternatively, the factory settings can also be made with the program "BRAdmin" again.
  • Also in the case of most Canonmodels, manage the Reset is quite easy. You hold the keys to Power, form feed and Print Mode pressed at the same time. The operation is successful, an audio signal from the printer will beep.
  • A button combination for the Reset in Pixma-printers. To do this, you need to turn off the printer and Turn on the On button keep it pressed. Simultaneously press five times Stop button. You can then release all the buttons. The printer reset automatically to the factory settings.
  • Otherwise it looks in the case of HP , because not all models have the ability the counter over the built-in Software reset. The Laserjet series does not have this function most of the time and needs to be overhauled, therefore, after 50,000 Printing General. A Soft Reset is, however, about the Software "HP Print and Scan Doctor" possible.
Printer you can reset via the Software or through button combinations. (Image: Pixabay)