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PlayStation 2: - Burnt games on the PS2 to play

  • Aug 07, 2020
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The PlayStation 2 can't read from burned games. How you can nevertheless use, we can tell you in this practical tip.

Burned PS2 games can be read from the console just after the tag

The PlayStation 2 is still popular, also because the PS2 is backwards compatible and PS One classics can be played. Whether it's EyeToy, Worms, Crash Bandicoot or Spyro - these classics are still great fun.
  • Your PS2 needs a Mod Chip and special Software, so that the burned games can be booted. There are Game stores that offer the conversion. However, you move to the edge of illegality - we therefore advise you from Modding.
  • Today, it is worth tag, because they PS One and PS2 games cheap at ReCommerce providers, such as reBuy, Amazon Warehouse, Medimops or eBay, can buy. You can buy used games at retailers. There they are tested in advance for functionality and you have still in doubt a two-week right of revocation.
PlayStation 2
In our practice tip "PSOne games to buy - it should make sure" we give you good tips on buying a used PS-One-Games - the tips you can buy PS2 Games in mind.