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Notebook: the FN key is not working – you can do

  • Jan 04, 2020
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The Fn key no longer works on your Notebook is in the worst case, broken. However, an incorrect setting can hinder the function of the button. We will show you how to solve the Problem.

Fn key on the Notebook is disabled - this can help

With a little luck, you have disabled the Fn key only by an unfortunate key combination. This can, however, be quickly reversed:
  • Simultaneously press on keys [Fn] + [Num], then the lock is released.
  • Try it alternatively with the key combination [Ctrl] + [shift] + [Num].
  • Your keyboard has no number pad, you can use the keys [Fn] + [F11].
[Fn] + [Num lock] is enabled with the Fn key

Fn key not working - what to do?

In the case of most of the manufacturers will be installed to use the Fn keys Software on the Computer. Only through this Software, the commands are recognized.
  • Open the control panel and look under "programs" to the Software. This means, for example, "ATK Package" or "VAIO Event Service". By right-clicking, you can Repair the Software.
  • You have installed Windows from scratch, you also need to install the Software for the Fn keys. You can find this either on the manufacturer's website, or on the second Partition. Many computers have a second Partition with drivers and additional Software.
  • Also this does not help, the Problem may not be Software, but Hardware. How to create a Notebook button repair, we will show you in the next tip.