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Nintendo Switch family: All the information on the family membership

  • Oct 06, 2019
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With the family membership at Nintendo Switch Online up to eight people can use the online features on your Switch. How much does the membership cost and what else should you know about it, you will learn in this practical tip.

Nintendo Switch Online for the whole household: family group manage

Are you interested in a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and need for the family to have multiple Accounts, there is the possibility of a family membership to purchase.

  • The family group can hold up to eight Accounts. Even children's Accounts can be easily inserted.
  • All members of the family group after the completion of the subscription of the functions of the Nintendo Switch Online. For this need but also all the members of a Nintendo Account.
  • Online you can choose the family membership to the official Switch-site to acquire. It costs 34,99 euros for 365 days.
  • Then click in your profile on the "family membership" and from there, from the invitations to the other members.
  • The invitation is sent as an E-Mail containing a Link. The members click on it, log in with your Nintendo ID and belong then to the family group.
Nintendo Switch Online: family group for Abo
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The advantages of Nintendo Switch Online

With the family subscription membership for multiple people is much cheaper. Already with 2 linked Accounts, you can save properties to two single member. The family subscription includes the following benefits:

  • With Nintendo Switch Online can measure all members of the family group online against players from all over the world.
  • You will receive free of charge some of the NES classics such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda.
  • Memory sends data to the Switch automatically to the Cloud, if you Nintendo Switch Online users. Thus, the loss of the scores is almost impossible.
  • The Nintendo Switch Smartphone App supports voice Chat, so you can Play easily with friends can communicate.
  • You will also receive periodic offers for games.