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Nintendo NX: info and Release

  • Jan 26, 2020
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The next Nintendo console is already in the starting holes. You will be called Nintendo NX. Here you will find all the info and the Release date of the game console.

Nintendo NX: info on the new Nintendo console

  • The power of the console is not yet really known. However, there are rumors. Supposedly, the console will have more Power than the PS4.
  • As a launch title, probably the new Zelda ("The Fields of Dawn will appear"). Also a new Mario game ("Mario Underground") will come to the launch day out.
  • In addition, the launch of a new Animal Crossing and a name as yet unknown, Action role-playing titles game:.
Wii-U-successor: Nintendo NX

Nintendo NX is scheduled to be released in Christmas 2016

The Release of the console can not lie so far in the future - if you believe rumors:
  • The console will probably stand-up to Christmas 2016 in the shops.
  • The mass production of the console is estimated to be in may or June of 2016.
  • The console could be called "Reach".
  • Presumably, the console will cost 349 dollars.
In the Nintendo eShop, there are the so-called Virtual Console. What it is, you will learn in the next tip.