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Monitor: G-Sync disable - how it works

  • Jan 18, 2021
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Many Nvidia graphics cards support the function "G-Sync", this is especially for gamers makes sense. You do not want to use this Feature, however, you can G disable-Sync also. How do we explain them here.

G-Sync disable: So go ahead

The Nvidia supplied function "G-Sync" makes for a virtually stutter - and lag-free gaming experience. The Software communicates with your Monitor, and is thus equal to the image transfer rate of your graphics card to your monitor. You do not want to use this Feature, you can turn it off in just a few steps.

  • Unlike many believe, the G-Sync feature, not the Monitor or the Windows settings on and off. All you need is the "Nvidia system controls".
  • To open this, go to the Desktop and click on an empty spot on the right mouse button. Now, select the tab "Nvidia system controls".
  • Click the links in the menu to "G-Sync“.
  • Remove the check in the "G-Sync active“ (see image), now the function is turned off.
G-Sync disable - easily in the Nvidia control panel (Screenshot: Nico Detmar)