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Miele TwinDos: Cheap Laundry detergent Alternative for your home

  • Jul 13, 2020
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The detergent cartridges for the Miele TwinDos are expensive, but there is a cheap Alternative. So your Laundry is just as clean and save you money.

Cheap Laundry detergent Alternative for the Miele TwinDos

Wash with the Miele TwinDos washing machine, to the original components of detergent to use. This is, however, quite expensive.

  • Instead of the cartridges, you can as well use your own detergent. Detergent powder, you can simply type in the tray as any other washing machine.
  • In the settings, navigate to "drawer 1" and select the arrow buttons to the detergent. You can then set the dosage.
  • You use liquid detergent, you can also use the cartridge system. To do this you need two empty cartridges for the washing machine. By the way, you can liquid detergents also do-it-yourself and save even more money.
  • Fill in the detergent in the container for the first Slot. The second Tank push empty.
  • Then, you go back to the menu of the TwinDos washing machine and fill the cartridges that you use your own detergent, and reduce the dosage. The second Tank is then disabled.