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Microwave radiation: How dangerous she really is

  • Oct 09, 2019
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The microwave is a handy kitchen helper that saves a lot of time. However, the radiation is really dangerous for our health and may cause cancer?

Microwave radiation: panic or real danger?

About two-thirds of German households will not want to miss his microwave. It is an integral part of the kitchen inventory. Many devices now account various preparation functions, such as hot air, steam cooking or grilling.

  • For microwave devices, security, rules apply, as for many other electrical devices also. For example, so-called emission limit values are set by the Federal office for radiation protection, which must not be exceeded.
  • In the case of measurements in the direct vicinity of the microwave is especially in focus. In particular, door joints could allow radiation to pass through.
  • For all measurements, no matter whether old or new device, was achieved at a distance of five centimeters, no more than one percent of the emission limit value. The further the distance from the microwave oven, the lower the radiation.
  • Nevertheless, you should always have a certain distance to the device while it is running. Defects are not always immediately recognizable, but as with any electrical device, it is possible.
  • Science has now found that intact devices foster cancer.

How heated in a microwave the food?

By means of a so-called magnetron, the microwaves are generated.

  • The in our food contained water molecules are set into vibration, because they are differently loaded. Through these oscillations, heat is produced.
  • Since our body consists to a large extent of water, would this naturally happen also with our cells, which would, however, cause great health damage. For this reason, the devices are built so that you can shield the radiation well.
Micro-waves: radiation is generated by a Magnetron
(Image: Pixabay)

Caution with certain foods

Certain foods change their chemical structure when they are heated again.

  • Especially in the case of protein-rich foods caution is advised.
  • But also other food tend to quickly form bacteria, if they are not equal in the fridge.
  • The microwave can not make it, these bacteria and to kill, and you take over the food on.
  • In a further article, we provide four of food in front of you never heat it in the microwave should.

Tips for buying a microwave

Let the dealer know about the different devices discussed.

  • Ask for the efficiency. This play in the energy efficiency a major role. The higher he is, the more efficient a food is heated, and the less energy is lost to the outside.
  • If the radiation is a cause of Worry, check the leakage radiation. This gives information about the amount of radiation through the device to the outside.
  • Devices with rotary plates distribute the heat better, and the micro-waves, each point of reach.