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MicroSD memory card connect to PC - how to

  • Oct 12, 2019
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Conventional computers can offer us no direct way to connect a microSD memory card with the PC. We will show you how it works anyway.

MicroSD memory card connect to PC

  • Adapter So your Computer can read the microSD card, you will need a suitable Adapter. Of these there are, for example, in the Form of a normal SD card. Here are the microSD is inserted and then connected to the PC. Such an Adapter costs only a few euros, for example, in the case of Amazon. However, there are also larger Adapter connected to the Computer via USB.
  • Smartphone Can record your Smartphone a microSD card, so you will have to access via the Smartphone to the SD card. For that, simply connect your Smartphone via USB to your Computer, once the card has been plugged in.
MicroSD Adapter
How you write protect a microSD card remove, we show you in the next tip.


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