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Lenovo spare parts-buy online - 3 cheap Shops

  • Jul 12, 2020
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The keyboard or the battery of your Lenovo notebook is defective, you can order online cheap spare parts. So you don't have to buy a new Notebook, if something breaks.

Lenovo spare parts-IPC-Computer

Top Service and fair prices for Lenovo spare parts are IPC-Computer:
  • IPC-Computer offers a wide range of Lenovo replacement parts - including batteries, keyboards, drives and fans.
  • Uptuning: in addition to the Standard battery, you can also buy batteries with a higher power, to be able to go longer with the Notebook work. For larger Uptuning, there are numerous Video instructions.
  • Repair and installation: do you Want a different Display (for example "matt" instead of "shiny"), the professionals, the exchange is also for you. The costs are around 150 Euro for the Display and built - in a fair price. Also in the case of a water damage to help you the employees.
Lenovo spare parts: IPC-Computer
Spare parts for Lenovo at Medion

Thinkpad-4-You for Lenovo ThinkPad

  • For Thinkpad 4-You can find them for a wide range of laptops, the Thinkpad-series of suitable spare parts. Including, for example, cooling fans, keyboards, drives, and motherboards.
  • Many spare parts are needed and, therefore, particularly favourable. So you can get a Motherboard for the T400 for less than 50 Euro.
Lenovo: Thinkpad Spare Parts
In our tutorial, we show you how to a Lenovo Notebook computer the DVD drive with a hard drive swap.