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LED lamps: service life of the expensive lights

  • Oct 17, 2020
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LED lamps, due to their long service life, very popular. LED light bulbs are replaced in the household with their energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, the typical light bulb. Often, they are nevertheless of different quality and life span.

The lifespan of an LED lamp

The expensive LED lamps are becoming more common in shops and homes. With the promised long life, the need to replaced burned-out light bulbs several times a year.

  • The service life of the LED lamps is specified by the manufacturers in hours or years. Information in hours are often at 15,000 to 20,000. In the case of annual information it is assumed that a daily use of three hours. Thus, some manufacturers to price a service life of 10, 15 and 25 years.
  • Since LED lamps do not go on the basis of their technical construction, in fact, broken is the life-span of the beam power is meant, which subsides gradually.
  • In quality, there are actually differences. Cheap LEDlamps tend, not to the long service life as indicated on the packaging, this is often just the statutory warranty obligation of two years.
  • Osram, Ledon and Toshiba to provide a guarantee of three to four years. Some manufacturers also offer a warranty of five years.
  • This is especially important for lamps in which the LED bulb is firmly installed. According to this beam power or the bulb is broken but, can be replaced the bulb only costly from a professional. Some high-quality manufacturers offer a free replacement.
  • You need to the LED luminaire or lamp to dispose of, it is important to note that this special collection delivered to be. They contain electrical components and are thus, e-waste and not household waste. In retail, such as drugstores and home improvement stores have collection boxes available.

LED lamps are characterized by their energy efficiency. Halogen lamps are also environmentally-friendly luminaire in the household. Read more about this in our next practice tip.