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Keyboard with backlight - 3 good models in comparison

  • Aug 08, 2020
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Many Ultrabooks have keyboards with lighting. You will find in this practical tip the three good models for the Desktop PC.

Keyboard with lighting: Logitech K800 - Wireless Keyboard

The Logitech keyboard K800 comes in a noble Design and a lighting for the keys, the intensity can be adjusted. The keyboard is about 75 Euro.
  • Extras: The keyboard adapts to the light conditions and adjusts the brightness itself. In addition, there is a power-saving mode. So the lighting does not go off when you tap or, the hands are on the keyboard. Once you have the keyboard closer, turns on the lights again.
Logitech K800: Backlit Keyboard

Logitech G19s: Backlit keyboard great for Gaming

The Logitech G19s is a real Gaming keyboard. The illuminated keyboards ensure that you can even in poor lighting conditions good gamble or write. For this keyboard you need to put about 150 Euro on the table.
  • Extras: There are twelve programmable G-keys. With three modes and macros per key you can configure up to 36 unique functions. The keyboard features a color GamePanel.
Logitech G19s

Trust eLight: Solid keyboard for saving foxes

In the case of the keyboard "Trust eLight" you can set the lighting via the touch of a Switch to turn on and off. The whiskers bound the keyboard will cost you just about 30 Euro.
  • Extras: The keyboard has twelve function keys. You can use these to program in order to direct traffic. So you can open with a button, for example, the Internet Explorer or the Mail program.
Trust eLight

Conclusion: Which keyboard is suitable for whom?

The three keyboards from three different price classes are suitable for certain target groups. The Logitech K800 is a high quality Wireless keyboard for a reasonable price. For Gaming purposes, the Logitech G19s is suitable. Anyone looking for a cheap keyboard without the bells and whistles and compromising on quality can make, resorts to the cheap Trust eLight.
In practice tips "keyboard to buy - the fact you should pay attention" we will give you tips on what to do before the purchase, should be aware of and what are the advantages and disadvantages of some of the keyboards have.