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iPad open - so it goes

  • Jul 11, 2020
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You want to save yourself the cost of a repair, you can open your iPad yourself. However, you will need a special tool and lots of skill. We will show you exactly how to proceed.

iPad itself to open - you have to note

Unlike other Tablets, you cannot remove the iPad to the back by Hand. Instead, you need a special tool Kit with the screen and back separate can. Please note that when you Open it the warranty is lost.
  1. Before you have your iPad open, you should completely turn off and remove SIM card.
  2. Then you put the metal spatula between the Display and the Aluminum back of the device, and levers both to be careful. It is best to start on the side without buttons. Please note that the rubber is still part of the Display.
  3. Once you have loosened all the sides, you can lift the Display carefully. For this purpose, for example, a suction Cup to use, you place the iPad Display.
  4. When Opening some of the springs can cancel, the usually press from the inside against the aluminum frame, and hold on to. Therefore, be especially careful when you pry open the Tablet, and the Display unit.
  5. Finally, you need to disconnect the three cable connection. To do this, first remove the adhesive tape from the display cable, flip the metal bracket and pull the cable carefully from the connector.
  6. You want to put your iPad later, back together, connect the cable to the right contact and close the metal device.
iPad will not open correctly
You are unsure, you should leave your iPad prefer a professional to open and repair. Three good iPad repair shops we provide you in the next article.