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In-Ear headphones clean - so it goes

  • Oct 19, 2020
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Clean is In-the-Ear, head-to-listeners more often than On-Ear headphones. What you should note when cleaning your In-Ear headphones, we have compiled in this practice tip is for you.

The cleaning of the In-Ear headphones

Only the least-In-the-Ear headphones tolerate it, if they are held under running water. Also on some chemicals, many headphones are sensitive.

  • In the case of most In-Ear headphones, you can remove the attachments. The ear pads are made of silicone, you don't have to be with the water so sparingly. With a bit of detergent or soap of the attachments pretty well cleaned. In the corners, they come with a cotton swab.
  • Are dirty the In-Ear headphones strong, do something radical in order to avoid the risk of an ear infection. First, you remove with dry kitchen paper or the like, the dirt, as far as possible. Finally, grab a Disinfectant wipe and RUB the handset carefully. but thoroughly to. Alternatively, you can wet a paper towel or a cotton swab with a disinfectant or rubbing alcohol. In the case of the cleaning method you do not need to proceed very carefully, however, so the damage In-Ear headphones.
  • On the headphone itself, water is, of course, taboo. Should be passes through the grid of dirt, you can try to free them with a hair dryer on the lowest step and with the lowest possible cold air careful of contamination. Watt is not a good idea are sticks in the case, since under certain circumstances the watt head behind the grille hang-up.
  • If your headphones are In-Ear-very durable, remove the dirt carefully with compressed air.
  • Should the ear pads are too dirty to be and get a relatively small amount of the new replacement pad for your In-Ear headphones.
In-Ear Headphones

The purchase of a new pair of headphones to inform you in advance about the differences between In-Ear and On-Ear headphones.