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Holes in Apple EarPods: they're meant to be

  • Aug 11, 2020
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Apple's EarPods, so the original Apple headphones that come with the iPhone, have the side holes, which seem, at first glance, no purpose to serve. We explain to you what it does.

The holes on the Apple headphones are intended

Apple headphones, called EarPods, have on the outer side slit holes shaped. It is not the microphone, because this is mounted directly on the cable. The holes serve a very specific purpose:
  • Through the holes in the EarPods air also passes into the interior and back again.
  • Thus, the membrane of the actual is able to move the speaker freely, and the air vibrations.
  • As a result, the sound quality is improved, bass is deeper, highs more clear.
  • By the way: For the best sound quality and a long service life you should use your EarPods to be regularly cleaned.
Holes in Apple's Earpods
On the next page we will explain how a loudspeaker works.


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