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FritzBox via PC to restart - how to

  • Jul 11, 2020
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You can start your FritzBox on two types of new. Either pull the plug or use the very convenient user interface in the Browser. We will show you how to restart the FritzBox via the PC.

How do I start FritzBox via PC? So, you call the surface

The FritzBox can be reached by its host name, or directly via the IP address:

  1. You call in the Browser on the PC connected with the LAN to the FritzBox, the address "fritz.box" on.
  2. The Login menu does not appear, as seen in the Screenshot, can you try it using the IP address that you enter in the Browser. This is the case of most models, "".
  3. The Login appeared area, log in with your password.
  4. If problems occur, we provide you with a more detailed article about how to your FritzBox-surface call.
FritzBox Login Screen

FritzBox via the Browser restart

After you have logged in, you just have to find the right sub-menu. The menus of all the current models are not identical in structure, the expert mode is necessary.

  1. Navigate in the left menu to √úberpunkt "System" (see Screenshot).
  2. Now click in the sub menu "backup" on the tab "boot"
  3. There you will find the button "restart", you need to click on, so that the Router performs a Reboot. The process takes about two minutes. Do not pull the power plug, please, while the Box starts.
FritzBox restart

In a further practical tip we tell you how to make your FritzBox password change can.