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DECT phones - this means it

  • Sep 22, 2020
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In this practical tip we will explain to you what "DECT" means in the case of phones. They, too, have with great probability a DECT device in your household.

DECT - what does it mean?

DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications.

  • This is a Standard in the telecommunications world.
  • The Standard allows phones via radio can be wirelessly - connected to the telephone network.
  • Especially relevant for cordless phones.
  • From a technical point of view, it is in the case of DECT a mobile radio system, which consists of one or more base stations. Here, the base station provides the connection between the telephone and an Internet connection and the mobile.
  • The base stations are part of each have a cordless mobile.
DECT: cordless telephony

Some of the Numbers around DECT

DECT has existed since 1993.

  • DECT has in buildings a range of about 30 to 50 meters.
  • Outdoor Transmission range up to 300 meters may include.
  • In Europe has been defined for DECT in the frequency range 1880 - 1900 MHz.
  • In this frequency band 10 carrier frequencies are used in channel spacing 1728kHz.

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