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Decals self-print and create - so it goes

  • Feb 18, 2020
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Decals you can print yourself at home. You'll learn in this DIY hands-on advice on how to do this exact procedure.

Decals print themselves – so it works

  1. First of all, you need to have the appropriate Decal paperbefore you continue.
  2. Thus, the ink on the image is also sealed, so you need a clear coat.
  3. The Decals to print, download the free Tool Micrografx Picture Publisher download.
  4. You can import in this program, either an image, or with the help of the tools and is self-made.
  5. Once you are done and satisfied with the image, you can print it directly in the program. To do this, click on "file" > "Print".
  6. Now insert the Decal paper into the printer and start printing with the default settings.
  7. After the print is complete, you must seal it with the clear coat. Let the image dry overnight.
Decals yourself, print & manufacture
Read in the next practice tip, what you can do if the printer is offline.