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Costume: Charivari for a man and a woman - briefly explained

  • Aug 11, 2020
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The Charivari is a jewelry that can be attached to the Bavarian costume, so in Dirndl and leather pants. It is a chain with pendants. What it has to precise the meaning of this, we will explain in this article.

Charivari as part of the costume

Both men and women wear their traditional costume, a Charivari.

  • For men, it is a mostly silver chain with various pendants. It is used as jewelry chain on the front fly of the leather pants worn.
  • The pendant of various kinds are attached to them. It can be coins, animal teeth or else. Those who stick to the Tradition, don't buy this trailer, he deserves to be, for example, is on the hunt.
  • Women also bear the Charivaris. Normally, these chains can be attached below the necklines on the bodice. In the meantime, carry some women, the Charivari, but also to the dirndl apron.
  • Also in the Version for women charms can be attached. However, here silver pendant with natural motifs or the heart is common.
  • Also, there are ladies charivari without talismans, they are as worked for a jewelry chain.
  • In the areas of Bavaria, where the traditional costume is of particularly high value has, to get girls and boys your Charivari often to confirmation as a gift. So you can extend the chain in the course of your life.
  • Also the Inherit of the Charivaris is common.
Charivari as the jewelry of the costume.
Picture: Isabell Gimpl

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