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Computer will not boot up - what to do?

  • Jan 27, 2021
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If the computer will not boot up, this can have various causes. What it is and how to deal with these problems, you will learn in this practical tip.

Computer will not boot up: causes and solutions

If your computer hangs even before the Windows startup, or not respond, a fault in your Hardware. In the following, we propose several solution approaches.

  • If the on/off switch on your computer press and a beep is heard, the fault lies in your BIOS. Each beep indicates a specific error. With our list of BIOS error signals, you can get the error to identify, and possibly remedy it yourself.
  • Should appear just after the power is turned on, a blue or a black image without the font, check the cable connection to your Monitor. To make sure, replace the cable. We recommend the use of HDMI or Display Port.
  • Your computer does not respond when you press the on/off switch, no power will be available. First of all, you should now all the power cord or the Power Button check and replace if necessary. Brings nothing, let the power supply check. How to get your defective power supply switch in a different practical tip.
  • All of this does not work, the Problem may be due to an outdated BIOS. We will show you how you can update your BIOS can. Also, wrong settings can the Problem cause, read more here.

Errors during the boot process - what you can do

If the operating system is started, but not fully up, there is a Software error. After a few try to start Windows offers some repair options. Often, however, it is easier to reinstall the operating system. They should be in the Clear, whether and where important data is located on your Computer.

  1. If you have a current Backup of your Windows Installation , you can the System to a previous, functional state. Also, however, important data can be lost. If you are not sure, try first of all a data recovery.
  2. Start Windows in safe modeto have access to your data and the on-Board tools for hard drive review to get. To save the data, either individually to an external drive or mirror the entire hard drive.
  3. The data are backed up, you can reinstall the operating system. Download the "Windows 10 Setup Tool" on another PC, download and install it. To create follow the instructions to make a bootable Windows USB Stick.
  4. Go to the broken computer and start it using this USB-stick. You may have to do this, the startup sequence of the drives in the BIOS to change. Last, follow the instructions in the wizard to Windows re-install.
Computer will not boot up
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In some cases, defective or incompatible Hardware causes problems. What you can recognize that your motherboard is defective, is read in our next practice tip.