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Christmas paper to print them out yourself – here's how

  • Feb 15, 2020
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With Christmas paper, you give your Christmas gift a special touch. Can you print this yourself without major problems. Our guide will show you the exact steps.

1. Christmas wrapping paper print out - the right Format

Before you can print your Christmas paper yourself, you must first select the correct Format.
  • Most printers only support DIN A4 up to DIN A3. Thus, only minor gifts in General, but, like a CD, packaging.
  • Should you want to greater things packaging, so you have to get this in a print shop, or online in larger formats to print. This recommend Online printing, up to A0 print ("poster"). Large formats, however, are generally quite a costly affair.

2. Christmas paper looking to Print out

Now you need to select the desired Christmas wrapping paper with your favorite motif. There are several pages already designed Christmas paper and this free of charge provide.
  • A beautiful, colorful and a great selection of offers peppiclip.de. On several pages, you will find colorful and Golden-yellow patterns to wrap your gifts. You want to print with Golden color, you can specify this in some printers as an extra color.
  • A further selection with cute Christmas motifs including Christmas trees and St. Nicholas stockings, see kikisweb.de.
Christmas paper select

3. Christmas paper to print

After you have selected your Format, and your choice of Christmas paper, you can start with the pressure. So it works on your local printer:
  1. Open a new Word document, or an OpenOffice document.
  2. Download the Christmas paper down and insert it in the document.
  3. Adjust the size on the page, so that it is completely filled.
  4. You can then print the document yourself.
  5. Especially good is the paper if your printer is in the borderless Printing supported.
Christmas paper to print out yourself

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