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CDs press 3-effective provider in comparison

  • Sep 04, 2019
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If you want CDs, you can find numerous providers on the Internet. We present three favorable recommendations.

1. CDs, DVDs and Blue-Ray Discs presses at Hofa-Media

  1. The provider Hofa-Media , from the traditional Audio-CD to Blu-ray Disc to all kinds of CDs and DVDs presses.
  2. About the product Calculator choose you step-by-step from how your CD pressed is to be and what Extras you need. You can add, among others, Booklets, the GEMA settlements and even Audio CDs master.
  3. In an edition of 300 pieces, including Slim-Box, Relief-printed, and the cover card a price of 1.31 euros per CD. The maximum mintage is 10,000 pieces. For more information hofa-media.de.

2. CDs in deinescheibe.de

  1. In the case of deinescheibe.de can be CDs, DVDs, and co. in runs of 250 to 25,000 pieces presses.
  2. About the product Calculator allows you to your CD-pressing configure and the desired select. This booklet, different covers, and Inlays are available.
  3. For an Audio-CD with case, cover, card, and Inlay with a mintage of 300 pieces of 2.04 euros per CD. Without the Booklet, the price is reduced to 1.41 Euro per CD. For more information, see deinescheibe.de.

3. CDs print in Practice

  1. The provider practice-print is especially suitable for those who have a smaller edition of its CD presses want. The minimum quantity is 25.
  2. Both CDs as well as DVDs, BluRays, and Booklets for practice print order. Various pre-configured templates can be found on the website of the provider.
  3. A printed CD with slim case and Cover costs at a quantity of 300 EUR 1.29 per CD. Detailed information can be found under praxisprint.de.
Music CDs can also be used with the native burner to make - but not as professional as in a pressing plant.