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Canon printer: How long warranty is? All The Info

  • Jul 10, 2020
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If your Canon printer during the warranty period, broken or has problems, you can leave the device in General, one chicken and repair. We will tell you how long you have warranty on your Canon printer.

How long the warranty is with Canon printers?

  • The warranty period in the case of Canon printers is one year from the date of purchase.
  • The one-year warranty applies to the manufacturer warranty. You have, however, in addition, for two years, a statutory warranty from the dealer.
  • If you the printer, for example for Amazon have purchased, you should be in a warranty case, contact Amazon, if buying longer than one year and less than two years ago.
  • If your device is in the first year after the purchase is broken, then you can directly Canon contact.
Canon printers - how long warranty?
A paper jam on your Canon printer is annoying, but usually not a warranty case. As you have a paper jam the printer is a Canon fix, you will learn in the next tip. All the information about printers and scanners, see our category page.