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Calibrate and Adjust - that's the difference here

  • Aug 14, 2020
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In the vernacular the two terms are used to "calibrate" and "calibration" often interchangeably. There are important differences between the two designations. Where these are, and how you use words correctly, we can tell here.

Calibration and Adjustment - the meaning of the words

The difference between the terms "calibrate" and "Calibration" is that in the former, only the deviation from the real value is determined. This will then be used in subsequent measurement results. When making the Adjustment, however, the measuring instrument is changed to change so that it provides more accurate data. In Detail:
  • Calibration: During calibration of a measuring instrument to determine whether and to what extent the measurement can distinguish the results from the actual values. If you take into account the deviation, then, in the measurement result, increases the accuracy. It is changed to the measuring instrument itself is nothing.
  • An example of the calibration of the compass in your Smartphone. Here, deviations are detected for the real value and then subsequent measurements taken into account. So you get real results.
  • Adjust: The Adjust you set a measuring instrument or changed it so that the results are exactly. In any case, changes in the measuring instrument itself.
  • An example of this is the Adjustment of a balance is. It can be stretched under certain circumstances, springs new or the pointer re-positioned.
Calibrate and Adjust
In the next tip you will learn how to on Windows your Monitor calibrated.