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Bluetooth keyboard for Android: 3 good models

  • Jul 11, 2020
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With a Bluetooth keyboard you can write on Android is significantly more convenient. You have a Tablet, we recommend an external keyboard. We present to you in this tip three models with whom you can work well.

Flat Bluetooth keyboard at competitive price

At Amazon you will find a flat Bluetooth keyboard for less than 15 Euro.
  • The Mini-keyboard supports not only Android Smartphone, but also connects with computers, laptops and even Apple products. The keyboard gets consistently very good reviews from Amazon customers - especially the most simple coupling is praised.
  • The keyboard has dimensions of 285 x 120 x 23 mm - that is about as high as a A4 paper. This is not a Mini keyboard, but it is still small.
  • The keyboard layout is the usual QWERTY. The keystroke is supposed to be very quiet.
  • The keyboard you can operate with two AA batteries or rechargeable batteries. Which, however, are not included.

About tecknet X331 Mini keyboard with Touchpad

With the about tecknet X331 get a really small keyboard for about 18 Euro:
  • The shape of the keyboard is highly reminiscent of a Gamepad. You even get two "Button-rings" with Multimedia functions. In order to control the music playback of your smartphone or switch between Apps.
  • On the Touchpad, you can control the mouse of your computer. Due to the small size and the many buttons it is difficult to write with two hands.
  • The keyboard is only 145 x 95 x 17 mm in size - roughly the size of a Protractor.
  • Also about tecknet-keyboard has a German QWERTZ Layout. The additional special keys are even on the Smartphone is very convenient.
  • In contrast to the other Alternatives, the keyboard has a rechargeable Li-batteries - at this price is commendable.

Ultra Slim Bluetooth keyboard - The noble Android companion

For just under 22 euros, you will find CSL is a very stylish Alternative - the "Ultra Slim"Bluetooth keyboard is made of Aluminium with 6 mm in height, extremely flat.
  • Like the other keyboards, you can also connect this device via Bluetooth with your PC, Apple or Android device. The battery is built in and can be charged via USB.
  • On the practical Shortcut keys, you can directly access settings like the brightness or the volume on your device.
  • The keyboard weighs only 170g, but with 240 × 130 × 6 mm at least from the length and width is very large. In conjunction with a Tablet this size, but still very pleasant.
  • An automatic energy saving function should be with the keyboard up to 140 hours of work possible - as a mobile travel companion, you can use the device perfectly.
If you want to write faster on your Android devices, you do not need to buy necessarily a keyboard. In a further practical tip we can provide you with three of the best keyboard Apps for Android before.