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Battery discharges while Charging - it can be found in

  • Jul 08, 2020
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The battery of your Smartphone, Tablet, or other electronic device while Loading, discharging the can be due to many small and large problems. We will show you how to solve it.

First aid: battery drains while Charging

  • A turn off the power to said device as the first complete and again. A short-term Software issue you can exclude it.
  • Disconnect the charging cable from the device and take a look at the charging socket. With a paperclip you can carefully remove dust from the socket. Especially when iPhone fluff, which hinder a correct contact of the charging cable to gather here more frequently.
  • To load the device also in a different place. The phone or Tablet it loads to a different outlet or a different USB port, there is the problem of Supply.
  • Also try a different USB cable and if possible a different power Adapter. Defective Hardware is the most common cause of problems Loading.
  • You can open your phone and remove the battery, can help a short-term sampling as well. Switch the device off, however, and wait a few minutes before inserting the battery again.
Battery drains while Charging

Battery discharges when Loading - what to do?

  • You have not solved the Problem still, is quite a high probability of damage to the battery. The battery charges, but only so weak that the flow is faster in consumption than is saved.
  • The device is still in warranty period, contact the dealer where you purchased the product or contact directly the manufacturer. Out of warranty can the battery in many devices, even swap, alternatively, hire a cell phone repair. A battery replacement usually costs 30 to 60 euros.
In the next practical tip we will show you how to make your cell phone battery properly charging.