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Until Dawn 2: Will there be a successor?

  • Aug 13, 2020
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The rumors of Until Dawn 2 persist - even four years after the games Hits. Whether there really will be a second part, we tell you in this article.

Until Dawn 2: So it goes on with the PS4 game

Until Dawn captivated millions of gamers with an innovative game idea.

  • In the Game of eight Teenagers being hunted by a killer. In the course of the game you decide how the protagonist should act. Depending on which choice you make, die or survive their characters. You manage to save all of them?
  • The Executive Director of Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games, Pete Samuels, revealed in an Interviewthat the Team is currently working on several PS4-exclusive Games, which is not yet announced were.
  • Whether it is in one of these games to "Until Dawn 2" is not confirmed.
  • It is assumed that the potential second part will be an exclusive for the PS4. But do not expect too early a Release: After all, Until needed Dawn over three years of development time.
Until Dawn 2 with Jess and Co?

Until the second part appears, you can try to get all the Ends in Until Dawn. With our tips and Tricks work the intended.