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Trove: The 15 most useful Commands

  • Aug 09, 2020
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In the adventure Pixel Game Trove, you can run certain Commands all kinds of commands. The most helpful 15 commands, we will show you in this article.

The 15 most helpful Trove Commands

As in any MMORPG will be in the Trove , the Commands on the chat bar entered. With the Enter key, the command line, in which you can type commands. Make sure that each Command begins with a Slash ( / ), since your character would say otherwise just. By the way: Minecraft-Zocker many of the following commands:
  • With "/welcome" will take you back to the welcome screen.
  • The command "/loc" shows you immediately which coordinates your character is currently located.
  • Type "/stats", to be able to a selection of your current statistics.
  • With "/who" to see all the players (names) that are currently in your world.
  • "/chat list" is the Command, which player, you are in the same Chat as.
  • With the "/xp" to find out in which Level you are and how much XP you need to go to the next Level.
  • Lost? Type "/getworldid" in the command line and you instantly know in what world you are currently in and how the world ID is.
  • With "/joinworld " beam quickly in a different world. Just replace "id" in the brackets by the well-known world-ID.
  • A player goes on your nerves? With "/ignore " you can Ignore any player on the list.
  • The Command "/mastery" shows you the Mastery rank and experience.
  • A Respawn always helps - with the command "/respawn" you can enforce quickly and easily.
  • With "/clear corner stone" to reset your cornerstone to a flat Land - this will erase anything that was previously on it.
  • "/showhat" is a simple command to the hat of your character to display or to remove.
  • With "show face" to show you the mask of your character, or remove them easily.
  • The Command "/q" for "quit" (engl.: exit), and ends the current game session immediately.
15 useful Commands for Trove
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