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Top 5 Cheats for Anno 1602

  • Sep 26, 2020
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With our Cheats for Anno 1602, you will improve in no time your account and increase your Rohfstoff-stock. Also, you can boost the speed of the game and all the missions for the single player mode to unlock. The citizens of your settlement will be happy!

Cheat mode for Anno 1602 enable

You must first enable the Cheat mode. During the game, press simultaneously the key combination [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[ALT]+[W]. Then an input field into which you type the number 2061 and RETURN to confirm appears at the bottom left. Then you have to move the mouse on your office and press the [ß] or, if you use the add-in CD, press [A]. Then you need to select the appropriate key combination of the Following Cheats.
Cheats for Anno 1602

5. Place: key combinations for more raw materials

Raw materials play as we know every game is an important roles. In order to further expand the industrious their settlement and their citizens with food can provide, you must do the following: Press the keys [SHIFT]+[T] to get five tools more. If you want more wood, and hold the keys [SHIFT]+[H] at the same time, in order to obtain more wood and more. For the more brick you can use [SHIFT]+[Z] button for more cannon [SHIFT]+[K]. Repeat the combination to get the desired amount of raw materials. Please note that for these Cheats, that your ships and the warehouse are enabled.

4. Space: game speed increase

It is often made in Anno 1602 your patience to the test. Because time is just at the completion of the building or of the development of their settlement have an important role. If you want to speed up the game, you need to [SHIFT]+[F8] key at the same time. Now you play with the eight-times the speed. So the economy is thriving but all the same faster.

3. Place: disasters deal

Anno 1602 is a game with a very realistic structure. However, there are also some events in the game, the delay in the development of their settlement: It will burn again, or the plague has broken out. In order to nd the people you need to save in one of these events in the game and then reload. Then no evil should be more.

2. Place: the missions to unlock

There are many exciting missions in Anno 1602. But some are pretty monotonous. If you want to choose your Mission, you can simply turn off all of the missions on a free blow. For this you need to make the installation directory of Anno 1602 find. Here you will find a text file with the name "GAME.DAT". In the Volume line, you change the values on "-750, 0, -580". After the next game start now, all the missions should be unlocked.

1. Place: pieces of gold to earn

Money is not only in real life, but also with Anno 1602. So you don't have to think when building your dream works to your finances, improve your account balance with the Gold Cheat. After you have activated Cheat mode as described in the introduction, press the keys [SHIFT]+[M]. For each key combination, you will receive 50 pieces of gold. Repeat this procedure until you have reached your desired amount.
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