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Top 3 tips for Halo 4

  • Sep 27, 2020
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The Halo series has become especially online to become a classic on Microsoft's Xbox. In the current Halo 4 there are also tips and Tricks that can make your game Much more successful. We present here a small selection.

Halo vehicles in the multiplayer mode with the use of properly

  • The Scorpion tank, the Spartans can be a terrifying and hard to be compelling weapon: The most Important thing is, with comrades arrange, protect your heavy tank against melee, and the built-in light gun, or walking around it post. Then you can cover with the large cannon, a vast territory, and any opponent, even at great distance with a single shot off.
  • Even more effective is the Warthog-a Jeep with a mounted Gauss gun is. This weapon kills with one shot even at great distances and reloads quickly. You are looking for a talented rider for the Warthog, and use the card "drive". With a bit of Practice, incredible shooting series are possible here, since they can be stopped thanks to the maneuverability and robustness of the warthog, too.

The proper selection of additional skills and weapons - the key to success in Halo 4

The big news of Halo 4, the free, editable, classes, weapons, and extra features. Which they can use to customize your Spartan to your skills.
  • If you protect preferred to use sniper rifles, you should play with a Jetpack or invisibility. So you can operate in the Background unnoticed. To be able to at the same time no longer act independently, you should choose the support Upgrade "ammo". So, for example, each of the captured Spartan-Sniper for 16 instead of 12 cartridges in the magazine.
  • For melee or assault a shield be worth it. At the same time, you can increase the tactics package "Grenadier", the number of carried grenades.
  • If you prefer to play with special weapons, can be used as a support to help Upgrade the "supply priority": As you collect points faster, to get powerful weapons such as the Bazooka, or the new incineration cannon.

Precision training - the "Halo-life insurance"

Accurate shooting is in Halo in General is more important than the quick reaction capability - in contrast to many other shooters. You have to train with the precision weapons, the hit in the head of the opponent, then you have also in duels with standard weapons a Chance:
  • The Standard high-precision weapons of the game - the DMR and battle rifle have important differences: The single-shots from the DMR to forgive less missed shots than the 3-shot bursts from the battle rifle. At the same time the three-times optical Zoom of the DMR is compared with the two times magnification of the battle rifle is better for longer distances.
  • Don't underestimate the assault rifle and Magnum pistol. The fire power of the assault rifle compared to Halo Reach is just on shorter distances is a real Plus. Also the fast single shots, the Magnum are often devastating, especially when the shots hit accurately the head of the opponent. Here, the following applies: practice, practice, Practice!