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The Walking Dead: This is the story of Clementine

  • Jan 17, 2021
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Clementine - or, in short, Clem is the main character in "The Walking Dead"game series from Telltale. The story of her life before and after the Zombie Apocalypse you will learn in this article.

Clementine in the computer The Walking Dead games from Telltale

Viewers of the popular Zombie series, Clementine is not known, because not to see is - and according to TWD Creator Robert Kirkman not to appear. Gamers know from the game series by Telltale. These are the Games in which it appears as a character:

  • The Walking Dead: Season One - main character besides Lee Everett, but Non-player-character (NSP, English NPC). Episode 1 – "A New Day" Episode 2 – "Starved for Help" Episode 3 – "Long Road Ahead" Episode 4 – "Around Every Corner", Episode 5 – "No Time Left".
  • The Walking Dead: Season Two - main character, is from the players. Episode 1 – "All that remains" Episode 2 – "A House divided" Episode 3 – "In Harms way" Episode 4 – "Amid the ruins" Episode 5 – "No Going back".
  • The Walking Dead: The New Frontier - can be used as a second main character next to Javier Garcia from the Gamer be. Episode 1 – "Ties That Bind - Part I" Episode 2 – "Ties That Bind - Part II", Episode 3 – "Above the Law", Episode 4 – "Thicker Than Water", Episode 5 – "From the Gallows".
  • The Walking Dead: The Final Season - the main character, is from the players. Episode 1 - "Done Running", Episode 2 - "Suffer The Children", Episode 3 - "Broken Toys", Episode 4 - "Take Us Back".
  • In these Games comes even before the DLC for the first season "400 Days", "The Walking Dead: Michonne" (both by Telltale), "The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct" (Activision), "The Walking Dead: Road to Survival" (Scopely), "The Walking Dead: Our World" and "The Walking Dead: No Man's Land" (both of the Next Games), as well as "Overkill's The Walking Dead" (Overkill).

Clementine's story prior to the Zombie Apocalypse

Even if the plot of the games after the Zombie takes place in Apocalypse, we learn some information about Clementine's past:

  • Your parents ' names are Ed and Diana. At the time of the Apocalypse, the family lived in a suburb of Atlanta, USA. The parents had to travel to Savannah, Clementine stayed with her Nanny Sandra at home.
  • With your nanny Clem played like a game in which they were secretly sisters.
  • You went in the first class, but found what was being taught, to simply. Mathematics did not like her. Later, in the course of the games, she admits that she misses the school.
  • She loves books and read earlier hours in your tree house. Television is not one of your Hobbies, but after the Zombie Apocalypse, you missed it.
  • She had a friend named Alfred who had an Allergy to peanuts.
  • Even if it's not liked it, it played sooner football.
  • She had a fish named Peanut, and a Hamster.
Clementine is the main character in the computer "The Walking Dead" (Photo: Telltale Games)

Clementine's story after the Zombie Apocalypse

We don't want to spoil the fun of the Gamble, and will not reveal too much of Clems career. In addition, there are different procedures, depending on what actions the player chooses. Therefore, we summarize only the most important information for you. Nevertheless, be careful, from here on, there are some spoilers!

The Walking Dead: Season Two

The plot of the second season takes place a few months after the events from the first game.

  • In the course of the game, Clementine meets a new group of Survivors. Part of the group of the Pregnant Rebecca. A man named William Carver believes that this is his child. That's why he followed the group.
  • The group wanders in the direction of the North, where the safe village of Wellington is located. On your way you will find a ski Lodge, in the more Survivors there are, including Kenny (character from the first season).
  • As the ski Lodge of Biters is attacked, save Carver and his followers, the group, but caught the members. This can make it later, to get free.
  • Rebecca brings a son to the world, the, you, Alvin, Jr. (AJ) is called.
  • Another woman from the group, Jane teaches Clementine more skills she needs to Survive.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

The action takes place some years later. Clementine is now almost an adult, and AJ is not a Baby anymore. The Two are traveling alone, are no longer members of a group.

  • As you will be attacked by a biter Horde, rescues Marlon Clementine and AJ. Marlon is the leader of a group of children, who lives in the abandoned boarding school Ericson.
  • The kids want to have Clem and AJ is not there, so they have to leave the boarding school. You then meet an old friend of Clementine's, Lilly. This want Clem brings the residents of the boarding school to give their and their community.
  • Since AJ is injured, it will return he and Clementine back to the boarding school. There, Clem informed the children about Lilly's plans, Ericson attack. And it helps you to protect the boarding school.
  • Lilly and her group to attack the boarding school and three children to capture. You bring on a ship.
  • Clem and AJ are trying to free the three prisoners. During their Mission, Clem from a Zombie is bitten in the leg.
  • Clementine asks AJ to kill them or to flee and let the biters are. Later, we learn that AJ Clems leg amputated, and she has saved as a result. Clementine takes the lead of the Ericson group.