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The Division: All Skills at a Glance

  • Sep 24, 2020
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In The Division you customize your character with special Skills to your play style. We provide you with all the skills that you select.

The Division: All The Tech Skills

The Skills in The Division will be divided into three groups: Tech, Security and Medical. You may normally equip two of them, and you can also select from level 20 is also a particularly powerful Signature Skill. The four Tech-Skills are thought especially for offensive players.
  • Seeker Mine: place a Mine that responds to nearby enemies, auto-on this advancing and explodes.
  • Sticky Bomb: This bomb sticks to objects, glue and tactically clever moments, and remote ignition.
  • Turret: place a turret to fight independently for you. It is only when he is destroyed or its battery is empty, he gives rest.
  • Tactical Link: The Tech-Signature-Skill. This allows you to increase both, as well as nearby allies ' damage and critical hit chance.
The Division: All Skills

The Division: All Security-Skills

Security Skills are the name according to a great help, if you play more defensive.
  • Mobile Cover: With this Skill you can create at any time to cover for other players.
  • Ballistic Shield: In contrast to Mobile Cover you wear this sign around, and are accordingly well protected. However, you can use with active shield pistols.
  • Smart Cover: Make you cover better. On the one hand, you and your teammates take damage behind a Smart Cover less, on the other hand, they are also harder.
  • Survivor Link: The Security Signature Skill. While this ability is active, move and close Ally quickly and damage them less.

The Division: Medical Skills

The third skills group are the Medical Skills. This, as Security is also a defensive focus by primarily to compensate for harm suffered.
  • Pulse: With this ability, you can mark friend and foe alike, and see this even through walls.
  • First Aid: this skill allows you to provide first aid and heal allies, according to easily. This is also a short distance.
  • Support Station: Set up a fixed Station, the allies not only healed, but even can be animated.
  • Recovery Link. The Medical Signature Skill. With this ability, you heal nearby allies, but can overload their life energy even give you a life bonus.
Skills are important, but primarily you win your fights with weapons. We have news and Details on the weapons and Mods in The Division for you.