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The Division 2: Dark Zone, unlock - how it works

  • Aug 12, 2020
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With the release of the Dark Zone switch and you enter the PVP mode of The Division 2. Here, you compete against other players, but against serious opponents in the fight for the best Equipment. How this works to unlock, we show you.

PVP in The Division 2: Dark Zone unlock

The Dark Zone in the Division 2 is, in contrast to its predecessor, in three smaller PVP zones: DZ East, DZ South and DZ West. This allows you to switch only when you see the message to the recruitment of a DZ-get officer.

  1. Close the main and side missions from, to, DZ-officer Senait Ezera to recruit. This is in the southern part of the Theater village.
  2. After you have spoken with her, she will go to the White house. You go there and you run up to the top floor. Here's Ezera is a marker for the Dark Zone.
  3. Of your you can get each of the Quests to unlock all the PVP zones in the Dark Zone. You complete this, you can enter the corresponding areas.
The Dark Zone in Division 2, you should enter the Unlock best if in a group.
(Image: Ubisoft)