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The best Streaming sites for eSports competitions

  • Jul 15, 2020
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In this practice tip we provide the best Streaming sites for computer game competitions (eSports). So if you have time, not in the mood for a movie, you can visit alternatively, these pages to be entertained.

eSports Streaming in Azubu

Azubu.tv is a Streaming service, the on eSport Events has specialized. Since Azubu official Partner of Championships of League of Legends, you will also receive all of the important games from the LoL-scene.
  • Streaming service that specializes in eSports.
  • A major priority games League of Legends. In addition to European and North American Matches of the Azubu streams from the South Korean League.
  • Can be used free of charge and requires no Account. The Streams run smoothly, as long as a sufficient Internet connection is available.

Game Streaming on YouTube

Yes, YouTube now offers Live streaming to. Since the user define the offer, also here is the focus on eSport Events.
  • For the most part Streams to run eSports Events. But these are in very good quality.
  • Missed Events can be found via search and easily viewed.
  • In the case of a very good Internet connection, the Videos run in HD quality and without any lag. There is A Google+Account is recommended.

Game-Streaming twitch.tv

Twitch.tv is the largest provider of streaming computer games. In addition to numerous eSports Streams also which of the more unknown Games and streamers to be found.
  • Twitch.tv offers a wide range of Streams. You can choose from numerous Games. Often successful Streamer to achieve a high degree of awareness.
  • Well-known streamers give away often Giveaways. Through subscriptions, you can return the favor.
  • The more viewers are watching a Stream, the slower this will be. In the case of large Events, you have to expect, therefore, unfortunately, often with long load times.
Azubu and YouTube offer especially for the eSport Enthusiasts stream in high quality. A greater bandwidth provides you with, however, twitch. If you prefer sporting Events to watch, we recommend this practical tip.