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Star Wars - The Old Republic: all of These professions there is

  • Aug 13, 2020
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In this practice tip we introduce you to the professions of the Online role-playing game "Star Wars - The Old Republic".

Star Wars: The Old Republic - The 6 Main Professions

In the universe of "Star Wars - The Old Republic", there are 3 different types. One of them is the manufacturing professions, of which you can have a maximum of a learn are:
  • Biochemistry: What is playing in the other role, the alchemy, is in SWTOR, the biochemistry. You can produce Medikits for self-healing and Stimpacks, which increase your attributes.
  • Cybertech: you Have decided to go for Cybertech, you can build modifications. This you place in the Mod slots of your Items.
  • Workmanship: With this profession you can connect to, for example, light swords. But also improvements or items for the next hand to the Repertoire.
  • Armormech: As the Name already says, you make armor, Bauer protective Items. Especially medium and heavy armor you can build with this profession.
  • Armstech: Both melee and long range weapons they make with this profession. To do this, Blaster pistols, rifles, or assault cannons, for example.
  • Synthweaving: for users of Power will need a special type of armor that you can make with this profession. The manufactured Items can be improved by Mod-places.
SWTOR: New crafting items

The 8 in addition to professions of the Online role-playing game

In "Star Wars - The Old Republic" will also need the Crafting materials. This can be obtained by collecting resources and completing missions. You can learn 2 gathering and mission professions.
  • Plunder: This gathering profession is recommended in combination with Armstech, Armormech, and Cybertech.
  • Archaeology: As an archaeologist, you have to collect resources for the professions of art, skill and synthetic production.
  • Bioanalysis: Bioanalysis is worth it in combination with biochemistry.
  • Hack: this gathering skill, you gain blueprints that you can use for the Cybertech profession.
  • Underworld trading: With this mission, the ability to get to raw materials for the professions Armormech, Cybertech and synthweaving.
  • Diplomacy: This mission capability is required for biochemistry. Through diplomatic skills will take you to the necessary resources.
  • Treasure hunt: Find the gems that you can use in the workmanship.
  • Determination: If you are a weapons Builder, you should choose this mission ability. Identify new weapons systems, which you can then build.
A total of 3 main and secondary occupations
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