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Soul Calibur 5: the characters play free

  • Oct 18, 2020
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In the Beat - 'em-up-Game "Soul Calibur 5" you can't unlock some characters that are from the beginning, to choose from. For this you need to the different modes, and also the Story to play through. Classic Cheats with which you get new characters, there isn't. You only need to invest some time.

New characters for Soul Calibur 5 unlock

To fight with new characters against friends or Computer opponents, you need to complete some missions in the game. In the following list, what you need to do exactly what the character see:
  • Edge Master: you Have in Story mode Chapter 17 completed, you will receive this character. Now you start with the so-called "Master of Blades" in your next fights.
  • Elysium is the final Boss in Soul Calibur 5. This character will play, you automatically unlock when you finish Story mode completely.
  • Kilik: to get these fighters, you have to start the Arcade or Legendary Souls mode. They manage to defeat in one of these modes, "Kilik", you may in the future play with him.
  • Algol is a very powerful character. In order to unlock it, defeat him in the Arcade, Legendary Souls or Quick Battle mode.
With Elysium play

More fighting styles for characters to earn

Practically new characters you also get, by unlocking new fighting styles free. You can get by playing the following modes:
  • Patroclus: A new fighting style for this character you get when you the 13. Chapter of the Story mode.
  • The equippable fighting style of Devil Jin you can unlock by completing Harada in Legendary Souls or Quick Battle mode. Alternatively, it is also sufficient to reach Player Level 5.
  • Pyrrha Omega: A new fighting style for this character is also in the context of the Story mode unlockable. You only need to complete Chapter 19.
Pyrrha Omega unlock


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