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Sims 4 island life: This is new in the expansion

  • Mar 02, 2021
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In the Sims 4 expansion the life on the island you want to colonize an island called Sulani. Here you can save the environment, lifeguard or diver or fish for the next meal fishing.

This is new in the Sims 4: island life

On the island of Sulani, there are no boring office jobs. Instead, different careers and jobs to choose from. You can also have a variety of activities in the water and interactions with water residents.

  • Whether a marine biologist, lifeguard, fisherman, or dive instructor: island life offers a Lot of things.
  • You can explore the island, snorkel, learn about sea virgins know.
  • You prefer to look for treasures? On the beach, in the sea or in caves is possible.
  • Nature conservation is also on the Sims. They clean up the beach and let the island grow and thrive.
  • There are a lot of new objects and furniture, even pieces of land on the sea and active volcanoes.
  • The children must also be employed. Build sand castles, dad with sun drawing cream pattern on the skin.
  • Interact with island residents and mermaids and the sea young men. You can also be self-to the sea beings, the act on Land like normal Sims.
  • You can travel with boats and even boats from fishing.
  • The Sims 4 - island of life you can buy for example on Amazon
In the case of Sims 4: island life, there is a lot to discover! Screenshot: EA

If you are in island life just a little bit help, here are five of the Cheats for Sims 4: island life.