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Silverfish in Minecraft: Use and Combat

  • Aug 13, 2020
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The silverfish in Minecraft are annoying and have no Use. Why the silverfish to attack you and how the animals fight the best, we show in our Gaming guide.

Silverfish in Minecraft - Use

Silverfish have no Use. This also only 5 experience points and drop to their death.

Silver fish fight in Minecraft

Everything you need to know to fight against silverfish:

  • Silverfish attack you if you change your Y-coordinate, and these are in the vicinity.
  • You can fight these creatures with everything they have. But the difficulty is to meet the small animals, since they are so small and other silver fish call.
  • You should remove it so quickly, because silverfish are difficult to combat and of no Use to possess.

How to find silverfish?

There are three ways for you to silverfish may encounter:

  1. The most common Option is that the creatures appear through the Mine-infested stones. Infected stones may be stone, brick, quarry stone or normal stone.
  2. In addition, one of them attacked silverfish can call more silverfish in a Radius of 21 x 21 x 11 blocks.
  3. To make the last Option on silverfish is the silverfish Spawners in strongholds.