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PS3 games for sale: what you need to know

  • Jan 24, 2021
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To sell PS3 games is the ideal solution, in order to earn some coins. You want to dissolve your own collection, because, for example, a new Sony console is in the wings, we have the right tips on where you can sell.

PS3 games sell made easy

If you still have PS3 games to spare, you can make them money. Many of the games are offered at not so bad prices, especially when it is an exclusive title. As this exclusively for the PS3 were developed, is in many cases a higher price verlangbar as for games like FIFA or Call of Duty.

  • A little more money you can make, if it is not in the Games title for the PS4 remastered. A good example of this is the first title in the Souls series by from Software: Demon's Souls. Especially the Original Version, and the Black Phantom Edition will go away often, for a little more money.
  • It is worthwhile to sell their games once through forestry, and the rarer specimens. With this you can earn good pocket money and at the same time the closet clean-out.

PS3 games for sale: These opportunities you have

If you have decided to sell your collection, especially any of the following options interesting for you:

  • Online buying: Online buying portals reBuy, Zoxs , and Momox is due to the simplicity and a fair price recommend. Do a search in these portals your game PS3 game and can then send in and a fee to pay. Some of the Services the costs for taking even. A comparison of the three providers you receive in a separate post.
  • eBay is allowed here, of course, not be forgotten and works well for collectibles, rare, or international games. The game market is covered through eBay much more extensive and so you can even sell PS3 games, which there are not to find in any Store.
  • Classifieds: for example, If you have no desire to Send the PS3 games have, or appreciate the personal touch, are classifieds, or ads in the newspaper to recommend. Here you can haggle, which can bring the price closer to your ideas.
  • Of course, you can sell your PS3 games at stores like GameStop, only the prices here are significantly lower. Private businesses are better suited.
PS3 games like The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 can still be seen excellent sell.
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