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Pokemon GO: So you train in arenas

  • Oct 16, 2020
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As in previous editions, you can train in Pokémon GO in arenas. However, with the Smartphone game quite a bit changed in comparison to the older Nintendo Games. We explain the exact differences and reveal how they train their Pokémon.

Pokémon GO In arenas to train

In pokemon GO find you anywhere on the map arenas, the one of the three Teams taken are. Tap on the appropriate Arena, you can against the deposited Pokémon to compete and train.
  • The battles take place in real-time. Tap the screen to attack your Pokémon, the opponent, and lowers the KP. Swipe to the left or to the right, you can Dodge enemy attacks. All of the tips all around the Fight in Pokémon GO can be found in a special article.
  • The special: your Pokémon be by the Arena fights in Pokémon not to GO stronger. You will only receive EP-points for each defeated pocket monster.
  • Here there are some differences: you Fight in arenas of your team, you will receive for each training winning 50 EP. In the arenas of other Teams, you get per win 100 EP.
  • In addition, the Arena will receive Prestige points. If they fought often enough, and the Arena of your team have brought Prestige points, is the Arena a Level. Then a place in the Arena is free, and you can put a Pokemon in.
  • For 21 hours in the Arena receive 10 gold coins and 500 star dust.
Pokémon GO In arenas to fight
The more EP you earn, the higher your trainer level. Thus, you will find stronger and rarer Pokémon. How to use this then increase, revealed on the next page.