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Monster Hunter World: Wyvern gems farms is s

  • Mar 25, 2020
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Wyvern gems are rare materials in Monster Hunter World. Where you can these gems farms, you will learn in this practical tip.

Monster Hunter World: Wyvern gems farms

To High-Rank armor and individual weapons to forge, you need in the Monster Hunter World Wyvern gems.
  • The Wyvern gems to come, you first need to hunt High Rank monsters limit.
  • The probability is pretty low that you get a gemstone in the hunt.
  • You use the studies, which are awarded with Golden rewards. This will increase your chances to get a gem. Also, choose a fishing and no hunting investigation.
  • In addition to the Wyvern-precious stones, there are also the flying Wyvern gems. This you get, for example, of the Pukei-Pukei. In the case of a Rathalos, disconnect the tail. You look in your Monster dictionary to find the conditions for this Loot.
  • In addition, you get a Palico at your side, wearing a scavenging blade, with an increased Chance of a gem.
  • A Wyvern gem, you can get by hunting a Barroth, a Radobaan, a Diablos, a Tobi-Kadaci or a Jyuratodus.
Wyvern gems in the Monster Hunter World (Screenshot on the Amazon)
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