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Monster Hunter World: The Weapons Tree - All The Details

  • Jul 15, 2020
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Monster Hunter World is a game with a variety of weapons. These are listed in the weapons tree. How you interpret this correctly, we will explain in this article.

The weapons tree, Monster Hunter World

In Monster Hunter World, you can choose between 14 different types of weapons to select. Your weapon determines your role in the hunter group.
  • You want to do a lot of damage, select sword, the long or the Hammer. With the hunting horn you support your Team. With the double blades, however, they are very maneuverable, but can not block attacks.
  • Each of these weapons can be upgraded. To do this, you will need different materials from the monsters. With these you finally go to the blacksmith in Astera.
  • The arms tree offers you an Overview of what opportunities are there to improve the weapons. As you upgrade your weapons, make you dependent on the Monster you want to fight. Your weapon remains the same, but new values. So, for example, the attack values to be improved or there is an element of damage is added.
  • The weapons tree is divided into levels of Rarity. These represent the "Level" of your weapon is. Rarity steps turn on your hunter rank free. New categories you will receive in turn when you defeat a new Monster.
  • Each specialization of a weapon is determined, as in the case of armor, according to the different monsters.
  • If you just want to defeat the fire-breathing Anjanath, has a weakness for water, you should take a weapon from the category of the Jyuratodus. For this you need different materials from that Monster.
  • You set once for a specialization, you can develop the weapon and back again. You start in this case is simply a second gun with a different specialization upgrade.
Monster Hunter World (Picture: Capcom)
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