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Monster Hunter World: the Oldest seal to unlock and use

  • Mar 25, 2020
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In your weapon tree, you get in the late game of the Monster Hunter World the opportunity to select the Oldest seal. How you can unlock and use, we will explain in this practical tip.

Oldest seal in the Monster Hunter World to unlock and use

In Monster Hunter World , you can the dragon elders without the Elders-seal of combat, however, gives the seal some of the advantages.
  • The Oldest seal of approval you can find not any weapon. This is only activated in the case of special weapons of the dragon bone tree.
  • As the Name suggests, will help you this seal later in the fight against the elder Dragons.
  • The seal you will find in the statistics as another attribute.
  • It is important that your weapon contains a high Oldest seal value. With a low value you can use the weapon against the Elders do not help.
  • You fight against the Vaal Hazak will be turned off by the Oldest seal of the Gift-Aura, with the help of which you can dish out additional damage.
The Oldest Seal Of The Monster Hunter World (Screenshot On The Amazon)
In our next tip we will show you where the elder Dragons in the Monster Hunter World.